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Weekly Bulletin

September 23, 2018


23rd - [TODAY] Katie W
25th - Marge W
25th - Matthew G
26th - Roger M
26th - David L
27th - Chris E
27th - Benjamin S
All of us wish them a great birthday this week!


Will be observed after the evening service today. Believers in fellowship are invited to partake of the symbols of Christ’s death on the Cross for the sins of man through his torn body and blood that was shed.


This morning: Galatians 1:8
September: emphasis- Going w/Gospel
30th - I Corinthians 9:16


We thank the Lord for both of these ministries that are available to us: Judy, in the library and Bob, in our live streaming, website, internet radio, and making copies when we ask him. You can exercise your minds in a book, even non-fiction; and you can take our church services wherever you go. Several have corresponded about the blessing of the live stream and website for messages. We thank the Lord for all of this.


“In the name of Jesus… Hurricane Florence, we speak to you and we command the storm to cease its forward motion and go harmlessly into the Atlantic. Go up north away from land and veer off, in the name of Jesus… In Jesus’ holy name, be out to sea.” - Pat Robertson, Charismatic (name it and claim it) leader of 700 Club, taking credit for ordering and redirecting a hurricane away from just their ministries. The rest of the Carolina’s - oh well. The apostasy marches on and gullible people swallow it whole: Tragic!


Monthly Devotion

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.”- John 5:24

There is perhaps no clearer word in all the Word of God than this as to how one may know he has eternal life. Note the five great statements on which assurance of our salvation rests:

First, “He that heareth my word.”
Have you heard God’s voice in the Word? Has it spoken to your inner ear - the ear of your soul?

Second, “And believeth on him that sent me.” To believe on Him is to trust in Him. Do you confide in God as the One who sent His Son to die for you?

Third, “Hath everlasting life.”
There is no supposing or guessing here. All who believe hath God’s great gift of life eternal.

Fourth, “Shall not come into condemnation.” That is, ’judgment’ for all that our sins deserved was borne by Jesus, so no believer will ever have to meet God in judgment about the unforgiveness of his guilt.

Fifth, “Is passed from death unto life.” All who have thus come to God as revealed in Christ are born again.

Call on Him today in faith, receive Him as your Savior, and be eternally saved!

Missionary of the Month

Angela Baker