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Supreme Court Justice David Souter ruled. or should we correctly say, failed

to rule concerning a challenge to the recent ruling from the high court in Massa-

chusetts . The issue at hand, the legalization of Homosexual marriage. And once
again, the end result is, "In your face, God!" With that kind of approach, what is

the likely outcome that we as a nation can expect?

Our courts have ruled with respect to Biblical values before: no prayer al-

lowed in public places on government property; and no Bible reading allowed in

state sponsored schools or federal establishments. Now one state declares

against the standard for marriage in all of human history, and for Homosexual
'marriage.' More states will eventually cave in to the pressure created by one of

the most politically liberal states in the country. Spineless, corrupt politicians

and humanist judges will leap over each other to get God out of their lives, and
to legislate and order God out of the lives of the people of the United States .

Just watch.

It's happened before. The prophet Daniel was a man "greatly beloved" by God.

As a youngster, he and many other Jewish boys were plucked from the comforts

of life at home in Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, and taken to
the capital of paganism to learn the way of the Chaldeans. Daniel survived the

Babylonian empire without once compromising any of his Biblical values, and even

was instrumental in seeing the king come to believe exactly as he did concerning
a coming Messiah, in which he put his trust. Then came the Medes and Persians

as they handily defeated the licentious Babylonians. The King, Darius, put Daniel

as the first of three presidents that presided over 120 princes. He thought to
put him in charge of everything. The Gentiles from the Medes and Persians did

not like a Jew to be in charge over them, so they looked for a way to get him re-

moved, or worse. They couldn't find anything! The only way, it appeared, was to
have the law changed concerning Daniel and his God, Jehovah. A decree was

drawn up and agreed to by Darius that ordered all people not to pray to any god,

but to Darius only, for a period of thirty days. The penalty was death in the
lion's den. Government ordered God out of the believer's lives then, and state

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